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PressureFab Group is a leading designer and manufacturer of specialist DNV rig topside and subsea equipment, such as containers, baskets, filter skids, reelers, tanks, filtration systems & pipework, as well as large manifold and tree frames & other heavy fabrication. By offering in-house design, fabrication, machining and corrosion protection to offshore & subsea standards, and producing nearly 100% of goods in house, PressureFab rigidly ensures quality assurance, integrity and longevity of its products.

Operating from our 250,000 ft2 facility in Dundee, the group has the resources to design and fabricate bespoke projects up to 2000 tonnes of steel volume and single components of up to 50 tonnes. Located on the A90, directly accessible to the Port of Dundee, PressureFab is conveniently situated between Edinburgh and Aberdeen.
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